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Before you go any further... Hi, I'm Jenni Liandu! 
I am a professional calligrapher and designer, a nerd when it comes to DIY and my obsession is teaching others how to learn the beautiful art of calligraphy. I am excited to share some more with the world, I am glad you're here!

There is no denying it, 2020 was a hard year in so many ways, but it was also very eye-opening for me. I have learned so much more about myself, my business and what is important to me. I have also. Been stretched in new ways and realised what could be possible in my business. 2020 was a curve ball and of course I didn’t manage to achieve any of my business goals for the year, but I did learn and grow. Here are some of my reflections as I look back at 2020.

An honest reflection on 2020

Jenni Liandu writing calligraphy on an envelope

Five Reasons to fall in love with learning calligraphy

Are you itching for something interesting to do but feel you’re just wasting away your evenings watching tv or scrolling through Instagram? I see you, and I get it. I’ve been there. But what if I told you that you could find a hobby that you will love, relaxes you and doesn’t break the bank?

Zoe Swann, Dundee based illustrator

The talented artist behind the October Calligraphy Box design is Dundee based Illustrator Zoë Swann. Her bold and colourful style is at the forefront of all her designs and we were thrilled with this plant themed sleeve design for October’s box! We spoke with Zoë who shares her best tips for creating illustrations, reveals what helps her stay creative when in a rut and more on her career as an illustrator.

Meet the Calligraphy Box Illustrator Zoë Swann

How I left my day job for my dream job

Today I’ll be sharing with you a glimpse into how I left my day job to be able to make my dream job a reality – jumping into full blown entrepreneurship!