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Explore our Collection, the Collection Guide below & our Embellishment options to create your ideal wedding stationery.

Your proposal will let you select different options & add on any embellishments that you would like. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. 

Fill out the Collection Enquiry Form with your preferences & we will respond within two business days with your custom proposal & pricing. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Once booked, we will send your digital proofs within 10 business days. Upon approval of the final designs, we will print & assemble your stationery. This takes 2-5 weeks depending on the printing  & embellishments. 

Collection Guide

the process

Here are the options you have to customise your invitation suite below.


Hot foil


Flat printing can display the widest variety of colours, tones & gradients but it is not capable of printing metallics. It is a beautiful method for printing watercolour paintings and illustrations.

Printing Options


Hot foil printing uses a engraved metal plate to press the design into the paper. This method creates a beautiful impression into the paper & a high metallic shine. There are five differnt metallic shades.

Letterpress printing uses an engraved plate to press the design into the surface making a deep indentation into the paper. This creates a high quality finish that cannot be matched. Letterpress printing uses one matt colour & is truly a beautiful hand finished method.

It is possible to combine flat printing with either foil or letterpress. This is typically used for the invite card and can work beauifully for adding watercolour illustrations to letterpress, or for adding a touch of gold to the design.

Quality card stock

Extra heavy weight card stock

Handmade paper

- Standard weight 350gsm
- Subtle textured surface
- Available in 18 colours
- Suitable for flat or foil printing

Paper Options

- Heavy weight 700gsm
- Subtle textured surface
- Available in 18 colours
- Suitable for foil or letterpress printing

- Authentic handmade paper
- Textured surface
- Fluffy deckled edges on all sides
- Available in 10 colours
- Suitable for flat or letterpress printing

card stock & envelope colours

Soft white

Vellum white

Cool Grey










French Blue

Dusty Blue


Imperial Navy


Ebony Black

These colour options are for the 350gsm & the 700gsm card stock & for your inner and outer envelopes too.

Handmade paper & handmade envelope options











These beautiful handmade papers can be used for your invitation card, details card or reply card & your inner & outer envelopes too. 

Foil Printing colours

Pure gold

Antique gold

Champage gold



These foil colours are availble if you choose hot foil printing.

Calligraphy Options

No. 1 - Light & Modern
A light and delicate modern calligraphy style that lends itself well to a relaxed and organic wedding style.

No.2 - Bouncy & Romantic
This modern calligraphy style has contrasting strokes and a slanting and relaxed bounce to the letters. It also contains large looping flourishes to add character.

No.3 - Elegant & Traditional
This old world calligraphy script originated in Europe in the early 17th Century. It is elegant and timeless with its light capital flourishing and leaning letter forms. 

No.4 - Old World & Flourished
This is an elborately flourished version of traditional 17th Century Copperplate and if is one of our most popular styles because of its romanic and artistic loops and swirls.

No.5 - Delicate & Swift
This fine italic style originated in 1840 in North America and is called Spencerian Calligraphy. Its slanted and delicate form lends itself well to a light and romantic wedding style.

No.6 - Classic & Flourished
This ornametal and elaborate variation of Spencerian Calligraphy has a delicate feel to it with thin flourishing and artistic and decorated capitals.

If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing Jenni at hello@jlcalligraphy.com. Ready to enquire? 

Take a look through the embellishment options that you can add to your suite to customise it to your aesthetic.


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