By Jenni Liandu Calligraphy

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The monthly subscription box for learning & practicing calligraphy

What's in each box?

Each monthly box includes: 
1.  A new ink
2. A new nib or additional item
3. An in-depth lesson on a new topic every month including flourishing, combining letter, composition, creative projects, or envelope addressing for example.
4. Practice sheets with grid lines specific to the lesson
5. Letter focus cards - these cards will focus on one capital letter each month, showing different ways to flourish and add variation to your writing. 
6. A live hour-long video lesson - this will be available through a private webinar link that will be sent to you via email. You can attend the live video and practice along or watch the replay.
7. Private Facebook group - this group is only for calligraphy box subscribers and will be a great way to connect with other calligraphers, post work and importantly get feedback. 

Are you a Beginner?

Don't worry, if you are a beginner then you can select this option at the checkout. This will mean that the first box that you receive will be a specially created beginner's box which will have everything you need to get you started including a workbook, basic strokes exercises, fundamentals, positioning and black ink.