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By Jenni Liandu Calligraphy


Calligraphy forBeginner's

Would you like to receive a beautiful box of treats through your door every month with everything you need to start learning and practicing calligraphy. Your first box will be the beginner's box and the following boxes will take you on a deep dive journey to becoming a talented calligrapher.

What's included in the beginners box?

Your first box will be the beginner's box and it will include:
1. A new black ink (worth £5.95)
2. A nikko G nib (worth £2)
3. Beginner's Workbook - twelve pages of detailed instructions about positioning, tools, basic strokes and the modern alphabet
4. A straight penholder (worth £2.50)
5. Pack of practice sheets - including traceable basic strokes and the full modern alphabet
6. Blank practice sheets
7. Online live lesson with Jenni (one hour)
8. Private Facebook Group - this group is a great place to connect with other budding calligraphers, ask questions, get feedback and take part in calligraphy challenges
8. You will also receive a discount code to get 35% off any previous calligraphy boxes. Check them out here

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Boxes get sent on the 6th of every month. Choose your subscription length below. All options are rolling until cancelled.