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By Jenni Liandu Calligraphy


The Calligraphy Box

Would you like to receive a beautiful box of treats through your door every month to learn and practice calligraphy. Join a great community of students as you go on a deep dive journey to becoming a talented calligrapher.

What's included in each box?

Each month's box is a different lesson and includes:
1. A new ink (worth £5.95)
2. A nib or alternative gift (worth £2-£3)
3. Lesson Workbook - twelve pages of detailed instructions and examples
4. Letter Focus Cards - these cards focus on one capital letter each month, showing over 15 different variations and flourishes
5. Blank or traceable practice sheets - depending on the lesson content
6. Online live lesson with Jenni (one hour) - with lots of opportunity to ask specific questions and see close up examples
7. Private Facebook Group - this group is a great place to connect with other budding calligraphers, ask questions, get feedback and take part in calligraphy challenges
8. You will also receive a discount code to get 35% off any previous calligraphy boxes. Check them out here

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Boxes get sent on the 6th of every month. Choose your subscription length below. All options are rolling until cancelled.